2013 R & M Survey

R & M Survey
Following the merger of R & M Surveys with, the leading independent survey evaluating fund administrators has become the R & M Survey. It's now the fastest-growing fund administratioon survey, having doubled its response rate year-on-year.

We are pleased to present key results from the tenth annual edition of this leading survey of fund accounting and administration services. The survey measures customer satisfaction by means of questionnaires completed by fund managers.

The 2013 R & M Survey reveals notable differences in the performance of fund administrators, with this year's survey focusing on European-domiciled funds.

Fund managers and fund promoters have had their say on the relative strengths of leading fund administrators. They have assessed performance across 35 service elements, falling into six broad categories: core fund accounting and administration; more intricate accounting and valuation services; client communication; approach and flexibility; quality of personnel; and value for money.

The survey has generated an overall ranking, along with geographical breakout according to the location of the service provider. Each table highlights providers rated as ‘Distinguished' for achieving a top-quartile score and ‘Commended' for a score in the second quartile.

RBC Investor Services earned Distinguished status in the overall rankings as well as the rankings for Continental Europe as a whole and Luxembourg individually. HSBC Securities Services earned Distinguished status overall and also in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

JP Morgan achieved a Commended rating overall and Distinguished in the UK. State Street was awarded Commended status both overall and in the UK. Societe Generale Securities Services gained a Commended rating overall, across Continental Europe and in France. BNP Paribas earned Commended status in the UK.


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